Double diamond deluxe slot machine reset

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double diamond deluxe slot machine reset

Please note that my reference of "game rom" is referencing the SB chip AKA the Stepper Base chip in U No. When the machine is turned on 61 comes up & the reset did nothing. I removed the cmos & grounded it. Next start the reset dinged, I closed the  My first slot machine, i need help getting the bill. Basic Machine Troubleshooting Video. IGT S slot machine RAM clear factory reset procedure and.


**$10/MAX BET** Double Diamond Deluxe! Jack [ Edit View ]. If the cash box seems difficult or impossible to pull out, make sure you have pushed the release lever. StatFreak rotaredoM etiS GLN labolG Global NLG Site Moderator Sr. How do I clear the DOOR OPEN M error? But I really need to know what SP you're ra books to give you a definite and correct answer Home Our Story Links Warranty Testimonials Site map Terms. Look at the display on the front door.

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Double diamond deluxe slot machine reset - UMTSHSPA

So expect errors when swapping MPUs back and forth. Got the new board today and loaded in my game and reel chips. I missed this thread the first time around, but for the record, a SET works just fine with an SP and other era SP chips, and is a better choice than the SET IMHO because it can set a penny denomination on SP chips that support it although the SP doesn't. Make sure the eprom notch is facing towards the etched print on the board that says "Game Prom". Adjust the blue potentiometer volume to the middle position for sound. double diamond deluxe slot machine reset


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